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ByMarcy Roberts, CMT

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  1. Scott Gordon Says:

    I have had massage therapy from New York to Alaska, Florida to California and Marcy is by far my favorite therapist!

  2. Julie Says:

    I’ve had massages in many different modalities all over the world. But I always love coming home to Marcy’s healing touch.

  3. Lin Says:

    Marcy’s skill combined with the peaceful environment of her studio makes for a fantastic experience. I’ve tried others but always come back to the best.

  4. Geoffrey Smith Says:

    I have had a lower back problem off and on for the last 5 years. Marcy has worked her “magic” many times on my back and has nursed me back to health each time it crops back up. I try and see her once a month to stay on top of back pain. She is very personable, friendly and a joy to be around. The massage environment is clean and always ready for the session. She plays soothing music in the background. The minutes fly by and you wish you had more time. I feel her rates are affordable and reasonable. I have told numerous people about her and recommend her highly. If you need a great professional massage, Marcy is a must!

  5. Eloise Says:

    My first massage from Marcy set the benchmark for any other massages I have ever received. Simply stated, she is THE BEST!

  6. Victoria Says:

    I always look forward to my time spent on Marcy’s table. She is well educated, practiced and her massage space is beautiful and relaxing. She is the best massage therapist in Oklahoma City and I wouldn’t trust my body to anyone else. If you have physical issues or just want an impeccable massage, Marcy Roberts is the person to call!

  7. Grace Medina Says:

    Marcy Roberts is the best massage therapist in the Universe. Totally trusting, she has perfect manipulation, and is incredibly knowledgeable. She always knows how to hone in on an area and fix it. I have enjoyed her services for a couple of decades and can’t imagine going to anyone else.

  8. paul medina Says:

    Simply the best. Not only is she a skilled and sensitive massage therapist, she is a genuinely nice and compassionate person. That comes through in her body work as well.

  9. Marci Says:

    Marcy is a talented massage therapist who is knowledgeable, professional, caring and trustworthy. She offers a pleasant and quiet environment and generously accommodates my schedule when necessary. I always enjoy my sessions with her, coming away with a relaxed spirit and a tension-free body.

  10. Kris Says:

    Marcy is a great massage therapist. I am a runner as a hobby and she is very skilled and knowledgeable with a sports massage and specific injuries.

  11. Christina Greenaway Says:

    Marcy has been giving me massages for some ten years now. I travel quite a bit and have sampled massages in many spas in the US and internationally, and I would rate Marcy right up there with the best of the best.

    Thanks Marcy — my body loves you!

  12. CG Says:

    My entire body relaxes as I climb onto Marcy’s massage table in anticipation of the total release of “whatever” is stressing me. I have been a client for many years & have never been disappointed. Give yourself a treat!!

  13. Margie Says:

    Marcy has been my massage therapist since 1996. Because of severe arthritis, chronic low back pain, and great hip issues, therapeutic massage is a necessity for me.

    Because of Marcy’s experience and anatomical knowledge, rarely do I have to spend our appointment time telling her of my ailment(s). She is professional and focused. Her house is very comfortable and most relaxing. When I need to see Marcy outside of our regular appointment, she always assure that I get to see her for an appointment within a reasonable timeframe of my request.

    Prior to Marcy, I had a massage therapist (of 4 years) that I also loved, but she retired. In my search to find another quality and professional therapist, I wasted lots of time and money. I was most thankful after finding Marcy, and have not changed since.

    Try Marcy – she will not disappointment you. As I tell her, even if I had the money, I could not pay her enough. Enjoy your appointment with Marcy – you will be pleased and leave feeling good.


  14. Shauna Struby Says:

    Pure and simple — Marcy helps keep me healthy. I used to be a skeptic about the benefits of regular massage — no more. My regular appointment with Marcy is one of the highlights of my month. I consider it a wise investment in my health and sanity that’s worth every penny. I’ve also had several times when I’ve either pulled a muscle or my back or neck have gone out and Marcy has seen me on an emergency basis and performed virtual miracles. One time with my back in particular I could barely bend at all without great pain and had been that way for several days. I finally told Marcy about it — she had me come right over — worked on me — sent me home and told me to keep drinking water, take some Ibuprofen, get a good night’s rest. Went to bed that night and could actually turn over without pain. Next morning I woke up and could put on my shoes without agony — I was so much better — well on the road to recovery. I am eternally grateful for her skills as healer and masseuse.

  15. Ron Ferrell Says:

    My dear Marcy’s massage is great, and her spirit, love and a safe environment make for a great experience. And now with the addition of a hot tub, awesome!!

  16. Christine Says:

    As a massage therapist for eight years, I can be a bit picky about the quality of massage I receive. Marcy’s style is wonderful and her space is beautiful – artistic, soothing and peaceful. I can’t wait to try the hot tub I’ve been hearing so much about.

  17. Karla Finnell Says:

    Marcy is the only person that has ever worked out my lower back issues in a single session. She is a highly skilled and experienced masseuse. Much better than drugs or surgery!

  18. M Humdy Says:

    Over the years, Marcy has done hundreds of professional/therapeutic/relaxing massages on my body. And, as I have told Marcy and now will share with you, I have never experienced the same massage twice. I ALWAYs leave feeling better than I arrived.

    No matter the situation or time, Marcy is very professional and never rushed. Do no waste your money looking around. For me, Massage Kneads is the place that my body needs.

    Marcy and her hands are the best of the BEST! Enjoy your experience! You will not be sorry.

  19. Janice Stepp Says:

    Marcy is superb at zeroing in on specific pain. She is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to listen. She is also compassionate and considerate ! I would highly recommend her !!!

  20. Margie Says:

    Thank you for the care that you give to my body. Most recently, you have thwarted off surgery on my trigger finger. You may recall that I did not tell you about an impending surgery to my left thumb, but you spent extra time on my left hand because my thumb did not “feel right” to you. Now, that was about three months ago, and still my thumb is working well and without the pain.

    Also, I still have never experienced the same massage from you in all of our 19 years. Thank you for caring. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!


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