Flax Seed Eye Pillow

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ByMarcy Roberts, CMT

Years ago I bought a flax seed eye pillow and would use it occasionally with my clients. I finally realized I should use it with every client. The flax seeds are flat and have a nice weight. It helps people to relax their eyes and to block out any light. It really adds a nice dimension to deeper relaxation. So, a few years ago I decided to make them for Christmas to give to my clients and friends. I simply mimicked the one I already had. I bought the Flax Seed from a local feed and seed store. They ordered a 25 pound bag for me. I selected a silk-like fabric with a nice design for the front and a black silk-like fabric for the back. Sewed it, turned it, left a small hole in one corner, used a funnel to add the flax, then sewed the corner by hand. Probably made about 40 of them. They were a huge hit. Here is a link on how-to make one. You’ll need approx one cup of flax seed for each pillow. Some people like to add lavender. But I found that the lavender oil can seep thru and be irritating to the eyes. So, I chose not to add lavender to the ones I made. Your choice. Good luck! And have fun!



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