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biohazard-symbolWith the potential spread of the novel coronavirus, I want you to know what I'm doing to ensure your safety while receiving massage at Massage Kneads.

My partner, David Watters, worked in Crisis Services for over 30 years. He is certified in microbial remediation and has cleaned up hospitals, schools, etc., many times after floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and colonized pathogens.

I tell you this to assure you that David knows better than most how to clean a space and make it germ free. He has done that here at our home and workplace. (He can actually also do that at your house, if you feel the need.)

In addition to the steps above:

• I have been wearing a mask while working since early March and will continue to do so until this viral threat is over
• I am working to keep you from having to touch surfaces by opening doors for you.
• I've replaced cloth hand towels in the bathroom with single use paper towels.
• Surfaces in the house are being wiped down daily with a virucide.
• I am spacing clients so that you should only come in contact with myself for your appointment.
• As always, massage linen is clean and used for a single client only.
• Massage lotion is apportioned for each individual session.

All of this is to keep you safe from contamination and to allow you to feel secure in letting me help rid you of some anxiety and tension during this stressful pandemic.

Open: M-F 11a-6p
Closed: Sat-Sunday
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Massage Makes a Bad Day Better
and a Good Day Great!

Massage Therapy
Experience You Can Trust

Hi, my name is Marcy Roberts. I’ve been a professional massage therapist here in OKC for 30+ years. I have been told, by my wonderful clients, that the massage therapy they receive from me is the envy of industry. Imagine that? Massage envy!

Well,  I don't know if that's true - but I do know that I’ve had the honor and pleasure of standing at the massage table for thousands of hours. Hours that I've spent helping people to relax, increase flexibility and range of motion, heal from injury, and reduce stress with therapeutic massage.

Over the years I’ve worked with many athletes in training. Some training for triathlons, marathons, cycling and rowing competitions. I've enjoy working on athletes and have had a lot of training in sports massage therapy. I also have extensive experience in prenatal massage and I enjoy helping my pregnant clients with their changing bodies. But I feel my expertise lies in working to relieve low back pain, neck injuries and loosen very tight shoulders. Whatever your needs are I have the experience necessary to help you in your healing process.

30 min* massage

  • Limited to 2-3 body parts ONLY

45 min massage

  • Limited FULL body massage

60 min massage

    Full body massage

75 min massage

  • Extended time for specific needs

90 min massage

  • Luxurious massage
    Spoil yourself

Body Polish + Massage**

  • Body scrub
    & exfoliate +
    1hr massage

Most clients choose the 60 minute massage. *30 minutes allows me to work only 2 or 3 parts of the body that are troubling you. This shorter session is mainly utilized by clients who are injured & will most benefit from more than one session in a week. **A Body Polish is a spa treatment for women. I scrub the entire body to exfoliate the skin. You then shower while I change the table linens, then we continue with a 60 minute therapeutic massage.

My Home Massage Studio

front of Massage Kneads Studio ~ 609 NW 47th Street, Oklahoma City 73118
the interior of Massage Kneads Studio ~ 609 NW 47th Street, Oklahoma City 73118
exterior front of Massage Kneads Studio ~ 609 NW 47th Street, Oklahoma City 73118
the interior of Massage Kneads Studio ~ 609 NW 47th Street, Oklahoma City 73118
exterior back of Massage Kneads Studio ~ 609 NW 47th Street, Oklahoma City 73118

Book Yourself a Massage Vacation

I so often hear from new clients that the last massage they received was when they were out of town on vacation. I believe massage is that one hour vacation when you can’t get out of town.

When you look at your calendar for the week and wonder how you’re going to make it through the end of day on Friday, that’s when you should pick up the phone and call your massage therapist. Book a one hour vacation of massage to make it through your hectic week.

Over the years I’ve had many clients confide that they no longer choose to get a massage when traveling because they never know what caliber of therapy they’ll receive and the resort price is usually extremely inflated. And more often than not they find themselves disappointed because I’ve spoiled them with experienced bodywork.

You work hard each week juggling jobs, children, relationships, households, etc. You need a place to refuel. A great massage can revive you. So spoil yourself, keep yourself healthy and book an incredibly relaxing, intuitive, and restorative massage with Massage Kneads.

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