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Clinical & Injury Massage in Oklahoma City

Are you living with chronic pain? Do you find that your activities are limited as a result of ongoing and recurring pain? If so, massage treatment may work to not only relieve the pain, but also help you get back to enjoying those activities you’ve been missing. Harvard Medical School has been conducting research into alternative modalities for over 20 years and massage therapy comes in at the top of the list of what works best of all the alternative therapies available. And massage therapist, Marcy Roberts, has been in practice helping clients referred by various physicians in the area for over 25 years.

clinical-injury-massage-73116She has trained far and wide evolving her practice thru continuing education and was a founder of the OK State Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. Marcy was an officer of the OK Chapter for over 10 years and an examiner for the AMTA, proctoring both written and practical exams for many years. During this time, she coordinated two 4 State Conferences with full trade shows and continuing education. Marcy received the AMTA’s National Humanitarian Award in 1996. And won the OK State Chapter’s Meritorious Award on two separate occasions.

Targeted Treatment

At Massage Kneads, Marcy takes a comprehensive approach to relieving pain through personalized massage therapy and by communicating fully with each client. Her specialty is neck pain and low back pain. Often clients have a difficult time walking in the door and leave with highly increased mobility. Once a client finds Marcy their search for a trained massage therapist ceases and they continue an ongoing client/therapist relationship for many years.

If you find yourself suffering from chronic pain in Oklahoma City, OK, don’t sit back and let it take over your life. Text or call Massage Kneads today and explore your treatment options through deep tissue clinical massage therapy.

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