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Marcy Roberts

Licensed Massage Therapist

Marcy Roberts, Licensed Massage Therapist 73118I have enjoyed a full time massage therapy practice since 1985. I studied bodywork immediately after graduating from college – with a degree in theater. I thought if I had a service such as massage, I wouldn’t have to wait tables for a living. I already knew I had a talent for healing with touch.

I began my massage studies in Philadelphia, PA, at the University City Arts League. A couple of years later, I returned to Oklahoma, then studied at Ozark Life Center in Fayetteville, AR.

Since that time I have augmented my training with many seminars, conferences and continuing education around the country. In my opinion, the human body is one of those subjects that the more you learn the more you realize how much you don’t know. It is a constant field of study.

Having begun my practice in the mid-1980’s I was a pioneer of massage therapy in Oklahoma City. I was a founding member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association in 1987 and remained a board member for more than 10 years, holding various offices.

During that time I coordinated two Four State AMTA Conferences providing continuing education for therapists and a full trade show. I was also an AMTA Examiner for many years, overseeing the testing of new members of both written and practical exams.

I became nationally certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1993, soon after this accreditation was available to therapists. The NCBTMB has continuing education requirements to remain certified.

For me volunteer work has always been extremely fulfilling and gratifying. My volunteer efforts presently revolve around helping Oklahoma City to become a resilient, sustainable and thriving community. I am a member of the coordinating team of Transition OKC, a working program of  Green Connections.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to believe I’ve been doing massage for 30+ years. I still enjoy the work immensely and find it very satisfying. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping to relieve pain in others and helping to improve their quality of life. If you’re seeking a massage therapist, I would very much like to show you my skills as a licensed and certified body worker.

AMTA logoAmerican Massage Therapy Association Awards

National Humanitarian Award, American Massage Therapy Association 1996

State Meritorious Award, American Massage Therapy Association Oklahoma Chapter 1990 & 1995


kind words from my amazing clients...

"I have had a lower back problem off and on for the last 5 years. Marcy has worked her “magic” many times on my back and has nursed me back to health each time it crops back up. I try and see her once a month to stay on top of back pain. She is very personable, friendly and a joy to be around. The massage environment is clean and always ready for the session. She plays soothing music in the background. The minutes fly by and you wish you had more time. I feel her rates are affordable and reasonable. I have told numerous people about her and recommend her highly. If you need a great professional massage, Marcy is a must!"


"Pure and simple — Marcy helps keep me healthy. I used to be a skeptic about the benefits of regular massage — no more. My regular appointment with Marcy is one of the highlights of my month. I consider it a wise investment in my health and sanity that’s worth every penny. I’ve also had several times when I’ve either pulled a muscle or my back or neck have gone out and Marcy has seen me on an emergency basis and performed virtual miracles. One time with my back in particular I could barely bend at all without great pain and had been that way for several days. I finally told Marcy about it — she had me come right over — worked on me — sent me home and told me to keep drinking water, take some Ibuprofen, get a good night’s rest. Went to bed that night and could actually turn over without pain. Next morning I woke up and could put on my shoes without agony — I was so much better — well on the road to recovery. I am eternally grateful for her skills as healer and masseuse."


"Over the years, Marcy has done hundreds of professional/therapeutic/relaxing massages on my body. And, as I have told Marcy and now will share with you, I have never experienced the same massage twice. I ALWAYs leave feeling better than I arrived.

No matter the situation or time, Marcy is very professional and never rushed. Do no waste your money looking around. For me, Massage Kneads is the place that my body needs.

Marcy and her hands are the best of the BEST! Enjoy your experience! You will not be sorry."


"Marcy has been giving me massages for some ten years now. I travel quite a bit and have sampled massages in many spas in the US and internationally, and I would rate Marcy right up there with the best of the best.

Thanks Marcy — my body loves you!"


"I always look forward to my time spent on Marcy’s table. She is well educated, practiced and her massage space is beautiful and relaxing. She is the best massage therapist in Oklahoma City and I wouldn’t trust my body to anyone else. If you have physical issues or just want an impeccable massage, Marcy Roberts is the person to call!"


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