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Our Covid-19 Efforts to Keep You Safe

With the potential spread of the novel coronavirus, I want you to know what I'm doing to ensure your safety while receiving massage at Massage Kneads.

My partner, David Watters, worked in Crisis Services for over 30 years. He is certified in microbial remediation and has cleaned up hospitals, schools, etc., many times after floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and colonized pathogens.

I tell you this to assure you that David knows better than most how to clean a space and make it germ free. He has done that here at our home and workplace. (He can actually also do that at your house, if you feel the need.)

In addition to the steps above:

• I have been wearing a mask while working since early March and will continue to do so until this viral threat is over
• I am working to keep you from having to touch surfaces by opening doors for you.
• I've replaced cloth hand towels in the bathroom with single use paper towels.
• Surfaces in the house are being wiped down daily with a virucide.
• I am spacing clients so that you should only come in contact with myself for your appointment.
• As always, massage linen is clean and used for a single client only.
• Massage lotion is apportioned for each individual session.

All of this is to keep you safe from contamination and to allow you to feel secure in letting me help rid you of some anxiety and tension during this stressful pandemic.

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